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Combat Acne With Turmeric Face Mask (Effective and Natural)

Did you know that turmeric can help you get rid of acne when used as face mask? This yellow wonder herb is not only for cooking, it has so many uses when it comes to beauty benefits. Don't worry about the color, it won't stain your face! Turmeric face mask is another homemade remedy that can be use to treat acne. It's not only for good for cooking to give our food a taste that will satisfy our appetite. but also to give benefits to our body. In my previous posts, I had shared some of the homemade acne treatment that I had tried to combat the acne on my face. And today, making turmeric face mask is our new topic. [caption id="attachment_255" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bigstock.com[/caption] I've personally tried this turmeric face mask with my face. I did experiments to see what's better. In my first try, I used flour with my turmeric face mask. These are turmeric powder + yogurt + flour. The mixture is thicker when it dries in your face. And it feels rougher in my face. So I come to think, what's the purpose of adding flour in turmeric face mask? I think flour has no other benefit when used as face mask aside from making the mask more thicker. In my second try, I made my turmeric face mask a little easier... I used the combination of turmeric powder + yogurt, and yes, it's still a turmeric face mask! These 2 ingredients (turmeric powder + yogurt) is enough for me. I prefer using just the 2 ingredients in my turmeric face mask because I'd like to make it simple but the benefit is just the same. And it's much better. My second experiment becomes my favorite method and ingredients for this mask. And later on, I decided to add honey on my turmeric face mask after reading possitive reviews and seeing so many people using honey with it! And I'm glad I did!

How does turmeric face mask work? [caption id="attachment_256" align="alignleft" width="200"] Bigstock.com[/caption] Turmeric- As the main ingredient in this face mask, it helps in treating acne and helps in reducing acne scars when used regularly. It's because turmeric is working as anti-inflammation; antifungal; antibacterial; and antiviral from the benefits of curcumin(it's what makes turmeric a gold colored spice). For those people with oily skin, you sure can benefit from using turmeric face mask because it helps in regulating the production of sebum. Oh, it also has an antioxidant property which will helps in saving your skin from premature aging! Yogurt- It has lactic acid that helps in promoting a healthy skin while zinc are working on acne. The anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties (and many others) of yogurt makes it a good weapon to combat acne and skin infections. Yogurt also removes dead skin cells, skin discolorations, and works as natural moisturizer and combats premature aging. Honey- It helps in preventing infections while speeding up healing, woah~~~it sounds good for acne victims, yeah? Honey is also an effective moisturizer and an antioxidant. Okay, enough! And let's start!

What you will need:

1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp yogurt (plain/Greek yogurt) 1 tbsp flour (optional) 1 tsp honey (optional) small bowl spoon

Steps in making turmeric face mask

Combine turmeric and yogurt in a small bowl. Add honey and add flour if you prefer using these with your turmeric face mask. Mix all ingredients well. If you think that you had done enough mixing, you may start applying turmeric face mask on your face. Apply it on your face using a spoon. It's okay if you apply it using your fingertips, but it may leave stains on your nails. You won't want it to stains on your nails and hands, don't you? Let your turmeric face mask stay for about 30 minutes or until it become dry. When time is done, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Gently dry it with washcloth and check if there's some residual yellow colors on your skin. And you're done!

Reminder: It is advisable to wear your old clothes when you're going to use turmeric face mask as it may stain your clothes. Need not to worry about the color, I promise it won't stain your beautiful face! If you see some yellow colors caused by turmeric in your face, just use a cotton swab or just use a washcloth and gently scrub it. It won't be difficult to remove, I guarantee that! Have you tried or used this turmeric face mask to combat acne? Or did you add other ingredients aside from what I mentioned above? Please do let us know your experience by leaving a comment below. We'd like to know so we could have additional ideas. xo, Jhem

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