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I Pledged to Support The Less Waste Challenge With Tom's of Maine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m so thankful there’s this brand out there that help support our Mother Earth by providing us products made from natural ingredients. So I’m participating in the Less Waste Challenge to join Tom’s of Maine as they celebrate Earth Month with Target. The #LessWasteChallenge aims to educate us on how we can help reduce 1 pound of waste each week, that's why I’m also going to share a simple DIY that I made from a recycled Tom’s of Maine soap packaging. Ah, soap… soap! Yes, I changed most of my skincare essentials since we found out we’re expecting. You know, those products that contain ingredients every pregnant mom should avoid using and soap is not an exception to that. My skin is starting to get dry, and becoming more sensitive to fragrances, which is why I switched to Tom’s of Maine unscented beauty bar for sensitive skin. It also made me feel clean and fresh despite being, uh-oh--- sweaty. Well, let’s just blame those pesky pregnancy hormones, they are probably the culprits for making me sweaty than I usually do. I got this Tom’s of Maine unscented beauty bar for sensitive skin when I and my husband visited Target a few days ago. There’s so many Tom’s of Maine products to choose from, but I feel like this one is what my heart wants. Most Target carries a variety of Tom’s of Maine products such as; soap, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash for you, for the kids, and for the entire family. Just like any of their personal care and oral care products, I love that this is Tom’s of Maine unscented beauty bar for sensitive skin was made with natural ingredients. The soothing chamomile, incorporated with natural vitamin E and olive oil helps to moisturize my skin. It is my current favorite and a must-have in my skincare essentials! I always believe that caring for our skin without the use of synthetic or artificial ingredients is always possible, the Tom’s of Maine brand proves it right. And what made them more Earth-friendly is that all their product packaging are recyclable through TerraCycle®! Come join me on the Less Waste Challenge, let’s support Tom’s of Maine on this cause by using #LessWasteChallenge on social media, pledging to reduce at least a pound of waste each week. Show them how you recycled or transformed your Tom’s of Maine products into an amazing DIY project to encourage more people to do the same. Let’s help to keep waste out of landfills, we can do it together! Let’s inspire others on this cause, for one day in the future, this is something to smile about and thankful for. Isn’t it great knowing you took part in making the world a better place? I believe, it is! Okay, now, let’s talk about how I recycled the Tom’s of Maine unscented bar for sensitive skin packaging that we got from Target. There are so many craft ideas that have been playing in my head, but I thought I need to make something that I really need this time. I decided I had to make a book marker, so I did! It is something easy yet very useful for my current book reading obsession because I always forget which page I was reading before I fell asleep. Pregnancy brain, eh?! I made my book marker really simple by cutting the front and back of the packaging, then I made 2 distant horizontal cut on one card. I inserted a ribbon through both cuts, and then I flatten a double tape at the back of the card. After that, I also placed the other one card which I got from the back packaging of the soap against the double tape. I also wrote “Save Mother Earth” on my book marker to always remind me of the Less Waste Challenge. That’s so easy, right?! I actually made 2 book markers! And now is your turn! Head over to the nearest Target to pick up your Tom’s of Maine products to start your pledge to the #LessWasteChallenge! I’m so excited for that and of course, to see your unique DIY project made from the product packaging! Visit Toms of Maine’s website for more information. Cartwheel offer

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