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Getting Myself Ready for My Baby’s Transition to Toddlerhood + Giveaway

It feels like it was just yesterday when my baby Cody was just a newborn. I remember I often daydream of him being able to roll, to crawl, to sit, to eat solids, to stand up and walk. He can do all that now, whoa, every milestone has made me super excited and I couldn't be more proud of. And now that he's turning one soon, everything is fascinating. He's curious and always ready to explore so many things. Once he hold or see something new, he experiment it with his little hands, and sometimes with his feet! Sometimes, he's messing up and ransack things and later tries to get my attention while raising his little hands, showing me what he just did, like "Look, mom, I just polished the floor with my milk!".. And I was like, omg-- but then he will give me his sweet smiles, oh, it always melts my heart and I'll just say, "Wow" and clap my hands. Anyone ever experienced the same? Cody Bear has the sweetest smiles and giggles when he's happy. You'll realize he's not in the mood when he's hungry. He loves to eat and fill his little tummy with food and milk. I love looking at him while he's trying to spoon some of his food to feed his own mouth, or just simply pick it with his tiny fingers to fill his mouth. Isn't it cute? One more thing I love during mealtime is that he's always very eager to try new tastes. But with his growing independence as toddlerhood is fast approaching, I worry if he's getting enough nutrients he needs. His desire to feed and pick foods to fill his mouth often end up with him playing and it just go wasted. I've been looking for something that could help me with my soon-to-be toddler Cody boy's nutrition, until the Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Toddler drink was introduced to me. Right at the moment, I knew it's what I need to ensure he's getting enough nutrients for his growing body, plus the fact that he's asserting his growing independence, too! Know why? Well, this toddler drink is specifically designed for little ones aged 12-24 months. Another excitement is on my way to this new stage of my growing Cody Bear, and I'm looking forward to incorporating a toddler drink in his diet, and that's no other than the Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Toddler drink! How about you, how's your baby's transition to toddlerhood have been?

And for the giveaway... Get a chance to win the "Welcome to Toddlerhood kit" when you enter the Gerber giveaway contest. This is open until June 27, 2016 and one lucky winner will be chosen to win and will be notified on the next day after the giveaway ended. The rules are simple:

Just visit the Gerber page to learn more about the Gerber Good Start Toddler drink, then, Come back here on my blog and share funny moments with your toddler in the comments below. Good luck!

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