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What to Keep in Check For a Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

It’s holiday season and it is time to pick a destination for your vacation, yayy! Whether you are going to visit relatives or vacationing down south, travelling with the whole family, especially with kids can be a little tricky. It requires double the organization, more time to plan, potentially spending a little extra more and taking extra safety precautions. We need to check when everybody can take time off from work and find a way to arrange everything with the children’s school schedule as well, book flights in advance to find the best deal and finally organize everything and start packing. So let’s take a look at a few tips to optimize your time when preparing to spend this great time of the year with your family!

Stress-free holiday vacation checklist

Time Check in advance with your boss and colleagues when you can take time off from work, so you can avoid last-minute unpleasant surprises and don’t forget to check if everybody else in the family can arrange to take the same time off with you too.

Weather Forecast You need to make sure the clothing you pack is suitable for the weather and climate that is expected at your destination. Otherwise, you will have to spend extra time and money at your destination purchasing the necessary apparel and accessories you need for your vacation. It is always a good idea to make yourself aware ahead of time and check the expected weather forecast at your destination for the duration of your stay.

Skincare essentials For a moisturizer, toner, facial wash, facial scrub, and some of your beauty needs, you can just buy the ones in a travel size or you can simply prepare them in a clean travel size container to save space in your bag or luggage and to reduce the weight you'll be carrying. Taking your daily skincare needs with you while you're away for a vacation will help you stay beautiful and keep up a healthy skin.

Organization Start preparing for your trip at least one or two months in advance. Get together with the whole family and start searching for the best deals on flights and hotels across all the travel websites. It is always possible to avoid going over your budget when travelling. Don’t forget to set aside extra time to pack and organize your luggage with only the items that you will really need. We always end up overloading our suitcases with things that we never use. Be practical!

Luggage Weight Restrictions The weight restrictions might be challenging when you’re travelling with babies and toddlers when you want to avoid paying extra luggage fees. Pack kids clothes in your own suitcase and weight all bags before your trip to make sure you aren’t exceeding the weight limit. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario if the airline company happens to lose your luggage. Pack an extra set of clothes for your and your children in a carry-on.

Safety During the Holiday season, lost and stolen baggage incidents increase at two-fold across airports worldwide. Therefore, you should aware of the risks and prepare yourself for this worst case scenario. Lost or stolen luggage put a damper on the beginning of your vacation. You could incur extra costs by having to but new clothing and personal accessories in case this happens, this is why it is also good to travel with insurance that has you covered. To protect yourself even more make sure your luggage is secured and protected with the best luggage locks. To a stress free vacation this holiday season! Cheers!

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