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I Can't Wait to See The Secret Life of Pets

Tic-tac, tic-tac... and the final countdown is just a few more days away! Whoa, who else is excited for The Secret Life of Pets? Because we, we're so excited to see this animated movie about the lives of our pets behind closed doors when we leave home for work or somewhere! I bet this is a movie you and your family will love because it's going to be super fun! I can imagine those priceless laughter and giggles! You don't want to miss when it opens on July 8th, so, save the date! I really can't wait, and to be honest, I keep talking about this movie with my husband over and over! Between the two of us on our free time, he's actually the one who's into movies while I was so busy reading. But since I saw the trailer of The Secret Life of Pets, I caught myself transform back to the younger version of myself who always enjoy animated films such as this one! This movie has really caught my heart, and everyone's, and most especially the kids! And oh, my Little Cody Bear will surely love this film, I know! Though he can’t talk yet, I really know that The Secret Life of Pets is something he would love to watch. I can imagine how these funny and naughty pets will amazed him and make him giggle and laugh with us. I must confess on my busy days, like when I am working hard to meet my deadlines, I let him watch animated movies alone and I often hear him giggle and laugh while watching. Hearing those little laughter and giggles is just so priceless, and it motivates me more to work harder. I’m just so excited and can’t wait to see my Little Cody’s adorable facial expressions while watching this film! I can tell by the way he loves watching the trailer of The Secret Life of Pets! But we’re still going to count a few more days for this movie, so we just have to let ourselves enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios! We love that it was made with real honey and whole grain oats. My Little Cody Bear also enjoys handpicking this into his little mouth. Since General Mills has partnered with Universal Pictures for the release of The Secret Life of Pets, you can enjoy more of General Mills cereals starting this July! Just look for the specially marked boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi-Grain Cheerios, and Regular Cheerios for you to start collecting the 6 free Secret Life of Pets collectible character key chains. Redeem your free in-pack Cheerios by simply using this digital Cheerios coupon and let’s see which character you get! Isn’t it another thing to be excited about The Secret Life of Pets movie? How about you, are you going to see The Secret Life of Pets in the theater?

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