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Saluta Glutathione Review: The Results After 10 Sessions

[caption id="attachment_870" align="aligncenter" width="574"] Image under cc license, shared by Shandi-lee Cox via Flickr[/caption] It's more than a month since I started my first session and getting immune with needles day by day. On my previous post, I said that I'm going to write an update of whatever results I may get with Saluta Glutathione 1800mg injectables. And now's the time for me to share everything about it! I should have written it last week, but I'm a little busy partying online. :) I started my very first Saluta glutathione injection session this October 14. I remember I wrote about how excited I am to let it rock my skin with glowing and pinkish white glow in a short period of time. And here I am now, I'm happy with the results though I'm skeptical at first because it was manufactured in China.

I'm in a haste with Saluta glutathione! I planned to have a thrice a week session so I can finish the 10 Saluta 1800mg in just three weeks. At my first four sessions, I did it every other day. I thought I'm going to finish it by November 6, but sometimes my nurse isn't available to meet me so there were times we skipped a couple of days before we have another session again. And oh, I remember a day when I supposed to have my 7th session but I missed it for almost a week! The next crazy thing I did is to visit her for three consecutive days to inject me the remaining 3 Saluta glutathione injectable. Yes, I did it, E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.! I'm that desperate, I know! Haha.. I don't feel any harmful side effects so far. You see, I'm still alive. LOL :)

Something's weird but.. I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's just how my skin reacts with a sudden changes of glutathione level in my body, but I noticed my skin feels dry after my third session. Or was it more appropriate if I use the word "rough"? Okay, it feels like a little rougher than my normal skin within that period. Could it be because of the micro-peeling of my skin from the Kojic soap I'm using? But no, I don't think so.. Because I also noticed something like this when I used Tationil glutathione injectable two years ago, but I wasn't using any micro-peeling products way back then. Or am I just too self-conscious? Ahhh, I don't know! But as days go by, my skin is showing remarkable results, not rough / dry anymore.

And the results I don't see any whitening results during my third and fourth sessions, I'm getting discouraged because I thought it has no effect on me. My skin shows a noticeable result after my fifth session with Saluta! My neighbors noticed it and told me I'm getting whiter. I'm flattered, haha.. Why won't I? It's a little success after bearing all those discomforts with needles and pains! :) [caption id="attachment_862" align="aligncenter" width="880"] My right arm, the map-like discoloration is fading.[/caption] I noticed my skin was getting more even and smoother than before. And the "ewwwws" in my dark elbows are getting lighter, oh and my dark knees too! I have some skin discolorations which resembles to a map in my right arm since I was young, but I noticed it's getting lighter too and is starting to get even. Hopefully I'll get that perfect even skin complexion all over my body on my next 10 sessions. (*daydreaming*) And of course--- to get whiter and whiter! And look younger? [Hear me Lord!] I'm daydreaming too much today! :) [caption id="attachment_867" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] A raw photo of my small arm and my chicken leg. I turned off the flash when I took it. The color of my skin gets lighter now.[/caption] After the needle goes in, that prickly feeling while the Saluta glutathione and vitamin C is going through my veins is something I really hate! Glutathione IV alone don't give that painful or hard times during the injection process, unless with a dose of vitamin C. It's giving me hard times because vitamin C is thick. Say I hate it but I still want an ampoule of vitamin C in every dose of my glutathione injection because it helps in boosting the whitening results. I'm not taking any oral glutathione while having this 10 sessions, the results in me are fast indeed. But each of us is different, so if you're also into this glutathione IV process, it's okay if you don't see any result in a month or two.. In some cases, it could take more time because the results will depend on your skin complexion, metabolism, weight, and the dosage. I'm taking vitamin C, vitamin E, and fish oil everyday to improve my glutathione level. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman's tips and his broader explanation about glutathione.

Let's wait for my next update.. Currently, I stopped my Saluta glutathione IV sessions because I'm broke! Haha.. It's the sad part when a beauty product you're using is not budget-friendly.. Okay, I'll buy my second set by December, I'll let you know about the next results of my Saluta experience. I'm also thinking of trying the sublingual glutathione, but I don't know when to start it. I'll give it a try, it's more affordable than the injectable and no pain. Let's keep in touch and I'll be happy to share my thoughts. Please feel free to share your glutathione injectable experience in the comments below. :)

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