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Rock that Glowing and Pinkish White Skin With Saluta Glutathione IV

To have a glowing and pinkish white glow, that's what I'm dreaming of for my skin! That won't be difficult to achieve by now, because I am using Saluta glutathione injectibles to feed my desires. Recently, I just started adding Saluta glutathione in my beauty routines. Actually, I had already tried glutathione injectables before but that was a couple of years ago. That time, I was using a different brand of glutathione-- Tationil. The effects on me was impressive, but after I consumed two sets which equals to 20 sessions (I used double dosage so it's only 10 for me), I stopped using it because my pocket is hurting, I'm broke! Haha :) I'm just glad that the effects I've gotten from Tationil stays as it is on my skin even until now. [caption id="attachment_696" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] A tray of Saluta Glutathione IV. One was missing in this picture! I was so excited to have my first session which made me forget to take photos while it's complete![/caption] When I was still a little girl, I used to admire those girls with pinkish and fair skin. I know it's genetic. And as an island girl, my skin color isn't fair, or should I say "morena". I love swimming and diving into the salty sea water under the rage of the hot sun. when I was in province. :) Despite that, I was obsessed with the desire that I can be whiter than Snow White! Hahaha.. I am so thankful that glutathione injectables exist to offer not only an antioxidant but also skin whitening!

Saluta glutathione is going to rock me In the next coming months, my boyfriend is going to pay me a visit here in my country. I'd like to have some changes with my complexion and I know, glutathione will make me look and appear more blooming just like when I used it before. I made up my mind and decided to have thrice a week of Saluta glutathione injection. Twice is okay, but I want it to be injected in me thrice :) [caption id="attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] These are the things that I need to bring to my nurse in every session. 1800mg Saluta Glutathione vial, sterile water, vitamin C ampoule, 10ml syringe, and a butterfly needle. Sometimes I don't feel comfortable with a butterfly needle so I always bring an extra small needle to replace it.[/caption] I wasn't afraid of needles anymore, the ant's bite seems to be more painful than injection now. :) I really have instense discomfort during my first attempt on glutathione injection. I remember I always get nervous during every session.. Hahaha~~ But despite that, I never let my nervousness bring me down to just give up a dream of getting a whiter complexion. I bear it! *wink* *wink* [caption id="attachment_698" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Saluta Glutathione 1800mg and ampoules of vitamin C[/caption]

Giving Saluta glutathione a try Honestly, Saluta isn't my brand when it comes to glutathione injectables. I ignored it for a long time because knowing it was manufactured in China, I was skeptical, if you know what I mean. When they introduced Saluta 1800mg in the marketplace, it made me curious with the brand and interested because that was a high dose compare to their 600mg before! That'll surely give me a quicker results! I forgot to say that I'm also selling injectable glutathione to my friends including Saluta. When Tationil goes out of stock, my Saluta sales had improved. They enjoyed it because they get what they wanted for their skin and looks. I was happy knowing they're happy with the results, so there I started to plan when I'm going to use it too!

It's ironic, isn't it? Those who have dark complexions wants to get whiter while those who have fair skin wants to get tanned.. This is so common here in the Philippines, and I'm one of them! :) That's why glutathione products are rocking on the market here! :) On foreign countries, they go sun baking and using tanning lotions. Haha~~~ But that's okay, because people always want what they don't have while other people are wanting what you don't want.

I'll keep you updated with the results Time to time, I'll be updating here in my blog with whatever results I may get with Saluta, so please don't forget to drop by whenever you have time. [Check out my Saluta update and review] Have you used Saluta glutathione IV? How did the result turn out on you? Have something to say about this post? I guess it will be good if you also share it in the comments below. :)

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