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Two weeks ago, on my black and white outfits for summer, I featured a black romper along with the other white dress and accessories. I noticed that the black romper was the most clicked outfit in that post. So I thought I had to make another post featuring some more rompers that might gain your interest. :) Some call it rompers, some call it jumpsuit.. But what really is the difference between the term jumpsuits and rompers? Is there really a difference? I'm intrigued by this thought so I did a little research, haha.. I found that rompers are usually the one in a shorter form (shorts or skirts) while jumpsuits is the one with long pants(sometimes with full length sleeves). Different designers have different views about this in fashion, so I guess whether you want to use the word jumpsuit or romper, that's okay and I won't judge you either. There's no right or wrong as long as you don't go naked in public as your new fashion trend, hihi.. :)

Here's my selection of rompers for this week

Forever 21 ruffled surplice romper | BP undercover print ruffle trim thermal romper | Stone Cold Fox Noah striped linen romper | Forever 21 abstract arrow flounce romper

Forever 21 ruffled surplice romper This long-sleeved romper could be a good pick if you want to go for a little touch of 70's inspired look. It looks so comfy with its elasticized waist. accessorize it with a statement necklace and pair it with a wedge or sandals of your choice, or you could go all black if you want to.

BP undercover print ruffle trim thermal romper Have a good night's sleep with this pretty in pink romper! It looks so girly and young by the color itself with cupid's arrows print! It could be a perfect wear for someone who's obsessed with pink colors and add it to your collection of all things pink. :)

Stone Cold Fox Noah striped linen romper Wear it to win that impression of neat and clean. This lovely white romper looks nice with its rounded neck and sexy with its cross strap back.

Forever 21 abstract arrow flounce romper This romper looks so comfortable with its clothing material. The abstract print just added another attractiveness to this outfit. It's a good idea if you wore it with your favorite sunnies while going around the town.

If this weekend is your shopping day.. Weekdays for this week is almost over and I know how excited everyone is for the weekend to come. Each of us has different routines during weekends, some may just stay at home with the family, party and hang out with friends, go shopping, and so on.. But if this weekend happened to be your shopping day, be it online or in store, then don't forget to check out these rompers that I just shared with you. It might save you some time from looking around or browsing all your ways. :) Is there a romper of my picks that you think you like? Please feel free to share what you have in mind, and I'll be happy to hear your thoughts! :)

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