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Beauty Yay and Nyay's of Pregnancy Symptoms

It's sad that I didn't update my blog for almost 5 months. Despite that, there's something for me to be happy because of a wonderful blessing God has given me as a woman--- I'm pregnant! :) 6 months now-- to be precise. I honestly am so excited to share the good news about my pregnancy here in my blog after my doctor confirmed it, but things don't go smoothly for me during the first trimester. I was on complete bed rest during that time. Plus, I'm always nauseated and feeling tired even without doing anything. But thanks God, I surpassed that period and I'm now feeling better and enjoying my pregnancy. [caption id="attachment_934" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image cc licensed by Simon Powell via Flickr[/caption] Ah! Let's talk about beauty matters about my pregnancy symptoms! Skin, hair, nails, etc, there are things that comes up with every expectant moms-to-be due to the raging hormones associated with pregnancy. I'd love to share what's with me now.

My Pregnancy Symptoms

Linea Nigra I noticed the appearance of the dark line (also called as linea nigra) below my belly button by week 23, and it's getting darker as my pregnancy progresses. It's more noticeable in pregnant women with darker complexion like myself. No need to worry because it'll fade in months after giving birth to your little bundle of joy.

Dark underarms / inner thighs It's silly to admit, but I'm just being true here and I'm not the only expectant mom who's experiencing this, right? Though I'm annoyed when I noticed the darkening of my underarms and inner thighs, and oh, areola.. I didn't use any whitening remedy to resolve this issue. It's better to be safe than sorry because when you're pregnant, you have to be careful and keep an eye on the products you're using to make your baby safe. So I just leave it be. Once again, the raging pregnancy hormones that cause hyperpigmentation during pregnancy is to blame. It will eventually fade months after your baby is born.

Swollen / Bleeding gums This is just another concern that keeps bothering me. I blame those pregnancy hormones again and again because they're making swollen and bleeding gums more usual these days (read: during pregnancy). It feels uncomfortable when your gums are swollen and you can't just enjoy what you're eating. To prevent it somehow, I'm avoiding chewy sweets, and of course, brushing my teeth gently at least twice a day will do if after every meal isn't possible or if laziness strikes me. And I need to visit a dentist soon!

Longer nails It's almost perfect when I noticed that my nails are growing at an amazing speed than it used to. Those lovely long nail designs are playing in mind to head up to the salon, but I was stopped by the disappointment of my nails becoming more prone to breakage. It becomes more softer. Will I enjoy this pregnancy symptoms if my nails are long but weaker? Of course, I won't. So I just keep it very short instead.

Fast Growing Hair I already have this long hair even before I become pregnant. And along with my fast growing nails, my hair is growing faster, too! I feel like it becomes thicker and healthier than before. I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks to those pregnancy hormones for this lovely pregnancy symptom! But oh no, my belly is also growing hair! Hmm, I don't want to stress out about it because those hairs that sprout in places they should not will fall out around 6 months after giving birth.

Smoother skin (acne-free pregnancy) I'm one of those unlucky ones when it comes to the so-called "pregnancy glow". Yet I still consider myself lucky for having these good changes in my skin now that I'm pregnant. During pregnancy, some women may be plagued by acne while others don't. I don't have any breakouts now, not a single pimple on my face nor in my back. People around me also noticed that my face is smoother now. Yayy, thanks pregnancy hormones! :)

Excessive sweating Though I know that excess sweat is just another pregnancy symptom, it still annoys me. Especially now, it's summer time and when I'm out, I don't feel comfortable with that sticky feeling. My clothes get wet at some certain part of my body like my armpit, back, breasts, and thighs. Arrggh-- looks like I took a sweat shower with my clothes on! Nyayy.. Very irritating! Fortunately, this pregnancy excess sweat doesn't give that stinky odor. Okay, good! But it doesn't end with that because at the end of the day, I'll see I have rashes due to excessive sweating. So I have to stay in my room and turn on the aircon for me to enjoy a cool day and night while it's hot outside. Oh well, thanks to my love because he's the one who's paying it for me. Hihi.. There are other pregnancy symptoms I'm experiencing, but I guess what I mentioned above will do for today's post. :)

And now.. I hope I'll be able to post regularly again and interact with my readers. I apologize for those who left their questions/comments if you haven't heard back from me yet, I'll try to reply you now that I'm back. And I really miss my favorite blogs, I miss you, guys! I'll visit your blogs as much as I can now that I'm feeling better and will say "Hi!".. :)

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