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How To Be a PatPat Ambassador and Make Money

Love at first try-- that's what I felt when I downloaded the PatPat app on my smartphone for the first time a few months ago! Well, I guess it's not new to you whenever I talked about this awesome app here on my blog since I've already written some articles about it here. And now, here's a good news that you'll surely love to hear! Just a brief recap, PatPat is an awesome shopping app that offers a variety of affordable yet high quality products sitewide. From baby's needs, to beauty and fashion, and to home decors, it all takes a tap on your smartphone's screen for you to decide which one to purchase. I have mentioned that it was featured as a “best app” on AppStore, if you still remember.. Android users can download it for free on GooglePlay while iOS users can download it on AppStore for free, of course! So I'm calling all moms out there! Do you love the privilege of having a free shopping? How about earning some money? I'm more than happy to bring you the good news about PatPat Ambassadorship program! Many of PatPat's ambassadors have earned money already and cashed out their checks with amounts like $300, $700, and $1000! Sounds good, I bet! Well, who doesn't want cash, anyway? It's not a quick-rich program but I'm sure you'll enjoy it once you become one of PatPat ambassadors. You have these friends who loves shopping as much as you do? Or you have a great social influence and voice that you think people would love to hear your thoughts? Great! So, now we know that this ambassadorship program might be for you!

The benefits you'll get as a PatPat Ambassador

Don't you feel like a VIP whenever you get a first access or one of the first to be notified when there's a new promotions from the brands you love? Yes? And that, my friend, is one of the benefits of being a PatPat ambassador! It's really making me feel good knowing this ambassadorship program is not as simple as that because you could also be given an exclusive holiday gift from PatPat. And to feel more like a VIP is that you're entitled to receive a personalized promo material with a PatPat invite code that is unique to you. Tell-a-friend and refer other ambassadors to this program so you could receive additional benefits from doing so! Oh wait, did I mentioned earlier about earning cash? Cash is money, money, money~~~ and that is the sweetest part of this ambassadorship program! You'll earn a $5 credits whenever a new customer took her 25% off by using your invite code upon her first order. Though it can possibly take you to that “cloud-9” feeling once you have your first successful referral, you shouldn't stop referring just one customer. Believe me, you'll want to refer more to earn a good cash.. Uh, oh~~~ that'll depend on your monthly performance! But still, it's some kind of fun! You could also get a 5% commission from all your referred user's subsequent orders! Sweet!

Ambassadorship Rules As a PatPat Ambassador, please keep in mind that there were these reasonable and simple rules to apply.

You need to generate a minimum of 30 referred orders every month. These are the purchase made through your unique referral code. The end of each month is going to be a happy day because finally, you can redeem your wallet money by requesting for a check or PayPal transfer. For duplicate accounts! A single user can't have and not allowed to have a duplicated accounts. Activities like this will be identified by PatPat's system, and in that case, any earnings you generated from the said false accounts will be deducted from your total earnings at the end of each month. Don't be alarmed by these rules, these, my friend is what we call being “FAIR”. It won't hurt to be honest all the time even when no one's looking, anyway! Because all in all, this ambassadorship program rocks! So now, I hope you're excited to be a PatPat Ambassador and getting ready to apply on their ambassadorship program! Go ahead and send your email to ambassador@patpat.com and write “Apply for PatPat Ambassador” as your email subject. Don't forget to include the details like your name and your PatPat account email. You may also visit PatPat Ambassador page to apply for the program or just simply go directly to the application form page and fill it up. Good luck with the application! Cheers! *This is a sponsored post on behalf of PatPat, texts and opinions are my own. // < ![CDATA[ (function(d){var f=d.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0],p =d.createElement('SCRIPT'); p.type = 'text/javascript';p.async = true;p.src='//socialix.com/track/js/12964.js'; f.parentNode.insertBefore(p,f);}(document)); // ]]>

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