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Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Dress Inspired Outfit

"I don't have something to wear!".. While standing and looking at her closet full of different clothing styles, that's a woman's favorite line when she doesn't have any idea what to wear for the day or for an occasion. You'll smile if this is something relatable that usually happens to you. So to save you from that dilemma today, here's an inspired off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit.

Oh, that off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit! As you can see, it was made with soft clothing materials. It is available in two colors, which are black and gray. Though black is such a nice color, I picked the gray one because I don't want to feature another all black outfit today. Well, just to make a little difference. :) Looking so girly in off shoulder style, showing some skin on your shoulder won't be a big deal with this off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit. It still offers the comfort and confidence that you're not going to be so revealing. It can be worn with long sleeves or you can pull it up into three-fourths sleeve, up to you! Could be a good find for the conservative ones. The middle body part was designed to enhance your curves in a stylized way. But for those women with no curves, the middle to lower part design of this long-sleeved dress outfit will create the illusion of you have curves. The length is just right, not too short and not too long.

Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Dress | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses | Hat | Bracelet | Earrings

Shoes To make the most of this outfit, match it with that pointed high heels. The slim pin buckle straps add a sexy impression to your feet.

Bag For the bag, you can still make yourself look classy, even without the Chanel version. Why not try this nude color crossbody bag from Christian Lacroix? The price is affordable and more pocket-friendly.

Sunglasses Sunglasses are you best friend. Not only for the purpose of protecting yourself from the sun, it also adds appeal to your whole look without requiring a lot of efforts from you. So don't forget to pair this off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit with a lovely sunglasses like this one from Prada.

Floppy Hat This is obviously not required, but if you feel like you need to, then you should go for this simple floppy hat. Match it with your off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit. With that, you'll look more balanced from head to heels.

Bracelet Accessorize your arm with this creatively designed safety-pin bracelet from Marc Jacobs. It looks simple and neat yet so stylish. Additionally, this bracelet is a good match with your chained strap bag.

Ear jackets Don't forget accessorizing your ears, too! You're showing them off, especially if your hairstyle reveals them and people often notice it upon looking at your face even without the intentions to. A good earrings will do, but I guess this pearl ear jackets from Kate Spade will give your ears a lovely look on this off shoulder long sleeved dress outfit.

Your creativity matters.. Always be creative when deciding what to wear. It's not really true when you said you don't have something to wear while your closet is full of your most loved outfits. The truth is-- you just have no outfit idea at that moment. :)

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