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6 Kinds of Nail Shapes: Find Out Which One is Best For You

There are different kinds of nail shapes and knowing the best one that suits you well is an advantage to enhance and give attractiveness to your fingers. And nowadays, trends in nails and designs are largely influenced by popular celebrity styles, some are new look and fresh while some are still having a touch of classic styles with added design creativeness. Here is a list of 6 different nail shapes to help you discover which one is ideal for your lovely nails.

6 Nail shapes to choose

Round nail shapes [caption id="attachment_533" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image: nightrose / Flickr[/caption] This shape is recommended for wide nails to make the nail beds look thinner. Some may think this nail shape has run out of fashion while some are still loyal to this kind. To achieve this shape, all you have to do is file the side walls of your nails, it's like you're forming a square. After that, you have to round the edges to form a circle-like shape. The round nail shapes is one of the most conservative ones yet have its benefits especially to active and on-the-go ladies who prefer a low maintenance manicure. The smooth and rounded tips make your nails more durable and isn't easy to chip. Worry-free, in short. After getting short nails, I always chose to shape mine this way to make it grow stronger, and if it does, that's when I go for another nail shape! Round nail shapes look good even without nail polish on it, as long as its clean!

Oval nail shapes [caption id="attachment_547" align="alignright" width="300"] Image: miyujoey / Flickr[/caption] Oval shapes are recommended for narrow and wide nail beds and additional length will make it look more lovelier. Same as round shape nails, it also offers durability to the wearer. It also gives an elegant nail shape and more feminine looks for every lady and serves well on medium length and long nails, like the almond nail shapes does. If you go for an oval nail shape, you'll have the ability to disguise the size of your nail beds! If you want your short nail beds to look bigger, you just have to simply file your nails into a more oval shape. Easy, right?

Square nail shapes [caption id="attachment_546" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image: rdoyle / Flickr[/caption] Square nails that have sharp corners is one of the most trendy nail shapes nowadays that fits every occasion and is the shape that is commonly used for a French manicure. Square nail shapes are can be called as a shape with authority, it draws an impression to your hands while leaving the full width of the nails perfectly and creates a big statement. It looks great on medium and long nails. Getting this shape means you have to give the edges an extra care as it could be easily chipped and using UV gel or acrylic is not a guarantee. I highly recommend this to those who have strong nails because the sharp corners of this nail shape usually have troubles when caught on fabrics which can cause breakage or tearing. You can achieve this shape by using a nail file on the side walls of your nails and align it at 90 degrees. When you get a perfect square, you can start to use your nail file to bevel your nails. You can be more creative with your square nails since it has a wider space to add some nail accessories.

Square oval nail shapes [caption id="attachment_549" align="alignright" width="300"] Image: miyujoey / Flicker[/caption] Square oval nail shapes are also called "squoval" and a softer version of the square. This kind of nail shape is a combination of the elegance of the oval and the authority of the square. It holds its popularity to every woman because it always looks good on most fingers. Unlike the square shapes, squoval is less prone to catching on fabrics and not too easy to chip or break. It doesn't matter if your nails are short or long, it will still look good with square oval nail shapes, most especially if you have longer fingers with narrow nails. To get this shape, you just to start by creating a square shape and make sure that the side walls are straight and even. After that, you have to file the corners and aim to make the free edge to become rounded and beveled. To keep a strong side, keep in mind not to over file the corners. Doing nail arts and accessories to this kind of nail shape is a great idea.

Stiletto nail shapes [caption id="attachment_543" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image: © ppuuffyy / Dollarphotoclub[/caption] Just like stiletto heels, this nail shape has ultra long and incredibly pointy looks, the name tells it all! It makes the fingers to appear slender and longer, thus looks sexier. Kinds of nail shapes like this are very noticeable, it surely grabs people's attention! :) The super long and pointy shape makes the nails weaker and I'm sure it won't last long on natural nails because it's more prone to breakage, so be sure to use acrylic or UV gel to make it last longer, somehow. To get a stiletto nail shape, you just have to keep on evenly filing the side walls and taper until you get your desired tip. Popular celebrities like Rihanna and Fergie are rocking a more feminine version which is more rounder in the corners and colored with pastels. And we also have Lady Gaga, but her version is fiercer version! The tips of her stiletto nails are sharper and colored with bright colors. Whoah, of all the nail shapes, I am sure that this one is something that I wouldn't want to try! Oops, wait... unless necessary haha! :) I understand, it looks sexy on fingers, but if you're going to try this one, be sure not to hurt yourself or anybody. *wink* *wink*

Almond nail shapes [caption id="attachment_544" align="alignright" width="200"] Image: B_Zedan / Flickr[/caption] Almond nail shapes have a softer and longer tip which appears to be more rounded compared to stiletto. The feminine touch of this shape makes the hands look more delicate and reduces the chubby looks of your fingers. To get an almond shape, you just have to leave your nails long and file the sides to achieve a long oval. With all the nail shapes, this one is one of my favorites! But I can say that this is the weakest classic shape. If you have weaker nails, then almond nail shapes might not benefit your nails because it's more prone to getting chipped and breakage, thus won't also let them grow much unlike the others and it's not an ideal shape for those are who is doing a lot of work with their hands, typing is an example for this. To make them somehow stronger, try to use UV gel or acrylic.

You decide I just gave you the 6 nail shapes to choose from, which one do you think suits you well? Don't forget to tell us in the comments below. :) If you are interested in making your polish to last longer, check out my post on to make your manicure last longer.

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