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Mayonnaise Hair Treatment: A Quick Fix For Problem Hair

Have you heard about this mayonnaise hair treatment? If you're having hair problems, then it could be a quick solution! Save some bucks with this natural treatment that can be found at your home! Mayonnaise hair treatment will give you the same result like what salon treatments do. It contains oil, protein, and L-cysteine which benefits hair naturally without harsh ingredients that can damage your hair. Sure.., there are available hair products in the market, but how sure are you that it will help your hair? Well, some may help but you should pick a good one or you'll end up getting a product which instead of treating hair will just cause more damage because of the low quality ingredients with it. And how about salon treatments? Come on, let's be practical! Why spend hundreds of dollars whenever you visit to salon if you can do it at home?

What do mayonnaise hair treatment can do to your hair?

It helps in moisturizing and nourishing your hair, those who have damaged and dry hair will benefit from it. Mayonnaise hair treatment will protect your hair from sun as it coats your hair. This treatment will also help in protecting your hair against all the damaging effects of styling products you used which causes your hair to become dry. With mayonnaise as your hair treatment, it does good in replenishing and repairing the damage. As mayonnaise contains vinegar, it helps in restoring pH balance to your damaged hair. The protein in mayonnaise helps your hair to look fuller and makes it shine.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Recipe What you will need:

1 cup of mayonnaise plastic wrap or a hair cap warm water

Procedure for Mayonnaise hair treatment

Use warm water to dampen your hair. Put some mayonnaise on your hair like when you are putting conditioner in it. Give your hair a massage from roots to tips while applying mayonnaise in it. When you're done, wrap your hair with shower cap or plastic wrap and let it set for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with diluted shampoo. Be patient cos sometimes, you have to shampoo more than once to get the residual mayonnaise. This mayonnaise hair treatment can be done once a month. And oh, you can also do this treatment to your dry hair if you're not comfortable doing it with damp hair. The procedure is just the same aside from skipping the step where you're going to dampen your hair.

Overall Using this mayonnaise hair treatment will give you the natural moisture restoration and bounce to your hair without spending dollars at the salon or the unwanted effects of low quality products.I absolutely prefer this hair treatment and it's convenient since you can do it even at least once a month. Though you have a healthy hair doesn't mean you don't need hair treatments like this.That's not an excuse not to give your hair a treat! Give this mayonnaise hair treatment a try and let me know how it works for you!

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