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5 Proven Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Healthier

I know how annoying it is when your nails are weak, thin, brittle and most of the times easily get cracked all of a sudden even when you're doing nothing . Your lifestyle has a big part on that matter and it's not just all about your nail characteristics since you were born, so stop blaming your poor nails. But how about a healthy nails that grow faster? Yes, please! Sometimes, all you have to do is take a moment to ask yourself if you're taking care of your nails just as much as you take care the other parts of your body. The sad truth is that most of the time, we neglect about it! Give your nails some TLC, whether you diy manicure at home or opt for salon services and have a healthy lifestyle to get a satisfying result that you will thank yourself for doing so. And today, let's talk about some solutions to make nails grow faster and healthier than ever before!

Ways to make nails grow faster and healthier

Choose the best nail shape for you Pay attention to what nail shape is best for you, for your lifestyle or your work to make nails grow faster and healthier looking. And speaking of nail shapes, you should shape them properly by using a nail cutter and a good nail file to smooth out the edges to avoid it getting easily damaged when you're doing chores. And even just a simple nail contact with fabric can ruin and chip it.

Use nail strengthening or nail conditioning products The use of some nail strengthening products will also make nails grow faster because it makes them stronger and less prone to damage. Products with UVA and UVB protectant base coat will help. The ones with vitamin E and biotin boost is another thing to use for your nails. Hand creams also help as well as cuticle creams. We should also pay attention to taking care of our cuticle by not ripping them off because they also help in providing a strong base to our nails. And of course, the amazing castor oil! If you regularly put just a very thin amount of it on your nails, it'll help to strengthen and make nails grow faster by conditioning it and making it thicker and healthier.

Eat healthy foods Pack your daily diet with fruits, vegetables, and foods that are rich in protein, vitamin C, vitamin A. They help to make nails grow faster making it look healthier from the inside and out.

Follow instructions And if you're someone who loves wearing acrylic nails or any other nail accessories, always make sure that you're removing them according to instructions because if not, it may cause damage to your nails.

Cut out the bad habit If you have that habit of biting nails, please don't.. You should get rid of that bad habit. It's not helping to make nails grow faster, in addition to the fact that our nails get dirt without us knowing it in the first place. Another thing to avoid is buffing too much. It can make your nails thinner and weaker. Only do light buffing, always!

If I missed to mention some tips to make nails grow faster.. Just thought you have tried some proven and effective solutions that weren't mentioned above, it will be great if you share it with us in the comments below!

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