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A Little Thought on M.A.C. Lipstick Shades

Every girl loves lipstick-- or at least once in her life, she has that favorite lipstick that she always wants to wear. Why? Probably because it makes her feel good about the way she looks. Maybe she feels so beautiful with it. And maybe, it's the best lipstick that perfectly matches her everyday outfit or maybe it has always suited her mood. Ah.. whatever reason a girl may have, lipstick is still a lipstick and we need it in our beauty kit, I bet! And because you(and I) need a lipstick or two..-- and may want more lipsticks, let's take a look at these M.A.C. lipstick shades!

Here's some of my thoughts on MAC lipstick shades

MAC Lipstick Shade 1 If you were to ask me, this is going to be my first pick. I love shades like this because I think it always suits my mood and gives me that "young feel" and could be a good one to play with my everyday outfit. Sweet, sweet!

MAC Lipstick Shade 2 Ah, this is also a lovely shade, perfect for lovely girls who loves to make their lips the highlight of their facial look instead of doing more makeup on the other parts of their face. Could be a good one during those lazy makeup times to keep your face still looking attractive because it drags attention to your lips instead of your other facial features.

MAC Lipstick Shade 3 Another lovely and youthful shade that most of girls love to wear everyday. Not too pink and not too red in shade that you can wear everyday.

MAC Lipstick Shade 4 I rarely wear this kind of shade because I don't always feel it matches my mood. Well, probably because it gives me that feeling that I'm looking more like a matured woman. Nothing bad if you want to look a bit matured with your makeup, but if I'm going to wear something like this on my lips, it's simply because I wanted to match it with my outfit.

MAC Lipstick Shade 5 Honestly, I've never tried wearing this kind of shade on my lips. I wasn't brave enough for it. But you see, there's some women who really looks good with a purple lipstick and I admire them for that! How I wish one day, with the right outfit and a good mood, I'll be confident wearing it on my lips, too!

MAC Lipstick Shade 6 Oh, this shade can give you that look as if you're wearing nothing on your lips. Natural look, but gliding it on your lips can give it a lovely definition. I actually have tried wearing shades like this for some time.

Your thoughts, please.. There's so many MAC lipstick shades here and there and I can't accommodate to feature them all here in this single post. Sure, I missed some of the lovely shades that you really like, and I know every one of us have their own thoughts when it comes to lipstick shades. Now I'm leaving it all to you and I'm all ears to hearing your thoughts. I'd be happy hearing what shades you really love even I didn't mention it in this post. :)

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