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Kiss Collagen Mask Review: Is It Worth It Or Not?

Kiss collagen mask, is it really effective and worth the price? Said that it is co-founded and recommended by a famous celebrity Dr. Atom of Atom Clinic in Thailand, how much will you trust this product? As a person who've been having real bad skin due to acne breakouts, I've been dreaming of having a perfect facial skin for many years! I don't worry about my body skin because the only skin imperfection I have is in my face-- because of that annoying acne! Hahaha~~ :) I had used so many cosmetic products that's promising to give what most of the women wants, a perfect skin! I've spent a lot on those products but none of them works really well on my sensitive skin. And though the other were quite pricey, I still bought them, believing it'll give me back the perfect skin I have before. Mostly, I give around 7 days or let's just say "a week or two" of trying and using the product. I am always in dismay because it seems like I'm out of luck and none didn't really worked at all. There's one person who's enjoying all those products that didn't work on my face,---my mom! Hahaha :) I'm always amazed that those products worked on her! Sometimes, I was thinking like maybe I was cursed to have that imperfect facial skin! Oh, poor girl! Just a few months ago, I always heard and see positive reviews and feedbacks from celebrities and consumers about this Kiss Collagen Mask here in the Philippines and even in other countries. I did an internet research about this product, I was hesitant at first but I still ended up purchasing it! Ouch, it's quite pricey! But I didn't mind about the price because I was looking at this Kiss Collagen Mask as a new hope for my skin hahaha~~~ I'm desperate like that! I was just praying too hard for it to suit my sensitive skin! And of course, my mom is just waiting again to take it over if it didn't work for me once again me.. Hahaha I was so excited when this Kiss Collagen Mask arrived in my house! Enough with my dramas hehe, let's start doing our Kiss Collagen Mask review from here!

What is Kiss Collagen Mask? Specifically, this product is called Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask. It is one of the best selling beauty products in Thailand which is co-founded and recommended by the famous celebrity doctor, Dr. Atom! Kiss Collagen Mask is an overnight mask in cream form and made from 100% natural ingredients with no form of steroids or mercury. In short, it's chemical free!

How does it work? This Kiss Collagen Mask was formulated with alpha arbutin, natural extracts, vitamin C+ and of course with collagen extract. These ingredients are helping to diminish the appearance of pores, giving a natural nourishment, addresses impurities and is exfoliating the skin. The collagen in this Kiss Collagen Mask is concentrated and works as a regenerative agent that helps in renewing the skin cells, restoring it's radiance, clarity and suppleness to skin. It also helps in minimizing the open pores and making your skin smoother. Kiss Collagen Mask is suitable for all skin types!

How to use this Kiss Collagen Mask? In the box packaging of Kiss Collagen Mask, it says that it should be used twice a week by leaving it to your skin overnight while you sleep. And rinsing it in the morning. Who cares about that direction hahaha ~~~ need not to care because I was a little too addicted with this Kiss Collagen Mask! I was using it thrice a week! :)

My unbiased Kiss Collagen Mask review I had been using this Kiss Collagen Mask for 1 month now and I am happy with the result! It didn't cause another breakouts to my skin even though I always stay awake from dusk till dawn! I'm like a vampire here, night shift owl girl! :) I didn't have any pimples now whether I'm lack of sleep.

What I like On my first use of this product, I noticed something good had happened in my face (skin) when I woke up. And when I looked in the mirror, I was amazed with what I saw! Those acne that is like bragging all over my face are somehow lessened! Plus, my skin feels so soft and I also noticed the appearance of my pores had been minimized! Oh, I just told myself that I'm on the way to clear skin! Haha ^_^ On my second application and so on, my skin gets better and better. I become a little too addicted with it and applied it thrice in a week. This Kiss Collagen Mask has never failed to amaze me! Honestly, it was the the first cosmetic product that didn't cause breakouts or irritation to my sensitive skin. But though I'm a little too addicted with this cream, I wasn't using it in the morning because it's thick. So, the nighttime use is best and you'll wake up with a good skin. [caption id="attachment_326" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Left: My skin after my first use. Right: After 3 weeks This is a none edited photo, okay.. I just wanted to show you how it changes my skin.[/caption] My skin gets better in a short period of time. I think, it's because with the help of Snail White Cream, the Kiss Collagen Mask works well. My acne scars are disappearing, you can barely see it in the photo. I feel that my skin is really getting better. It feels soft and firmer. My skin now looks well moisturized with no appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. No more new pimples and is clearing my face within a short period of time using this Kiss Collagen Mask. I also like the packaging of this product because it was packed in a special vacuum cap container which only allows you to get what you need so the rest of the cream won't be exposed to air. It's such a smart and hygienic way!

What I don't like? The only thing I don't like is the product's price, it's a bit costly! Haha ^_^ Many would like to try this Kiss Collagen Mask but when it comes to price, it makes them forget about it. :) But since it does good and suits my skin well, I'm still willing to purchase it! If only the price is a little cheaper and more affordable to all, many more will surely purchase and use it. And I'll be happier cos I can buy it easily even I don't have that much money! Hihi~~ So far, soooo good! Next time, I'm going to write about Snail White Cream that I am using together with this Kiss Collagen Mask. How about you, have you tried this Kiss Collagen Mask? If so, how likely are you to purchase it again? Did it work for you? Please do share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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