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Weird Nail Hacks To Keep Manicure And Pedicure Last Longer Than Usual

[caption id="attachment_506" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] ©Valua Vitaly/DollarPhotoClub[/caption] So, you always love getting your manicure/pedicure done. But you're always frustrated whenever they're chipped in just a short period of time. This unusual nail hack will help your nails looking good as long as possible! You better try this no chip nail tricks! I learned this weird nail hack from my mom! She's a manicurist. Needless to say, she knows a lot about nails than I did LOL! When I was young, I was always disgusted whenever I saw her doing this. That was like "Ewww!" But as I grew up, I began to love decorating my nails and putting nail polish on it. But you know that feeling when you spent your precious time just to get it done and on the next days, you see it chipped! Whoa, that was so frustrating! That was then I realized the purpose of what mom my is doing with her manicure/pedicure! Though I was a bit hesitant of the odor, I still tried it because I was aiming to enjoy the goodness of seeing my nail polish still intact longer than usual. I know you want that too!

You will need:

white vinegar cotton swab nail polish Vinegar does the tricks by removing any moisture or any residue that may come with your nail and your base coat. It makes the first coat to stick better on your nails, so it extends the life of your manicure! And oh, it's better to use white vinegar (distilled) because it's a lot stronger than other kinds of vinegars when it comes to cleaning.

Do it with your manicure now! Here's the easy part. Just dip cotton buds on white vinegar and swab it on your clean naked nails. Let air dry. Now, you may apply nail polish on your dry nails. Ta-dah~~~You're done, enjoy your manicure that will last longer than usual! The last thing is, make sure to dry your polished nails completely before doing some chores.

Don't worry about the odor! Need not to worry about the vinegar odor, you can just simply wash it if it stinks your fingers. Usually it won't leave such vinegar smell. It only seems to be leaving that undesirable odor on our nails and fingers due to the thoughts that it's vinegar! Hihi And that's why we better use cotton buds rather than using a cotton ball because there's a tendency that it might leave such stinky smell on your fingers or hands. But as I've said, you can still just wash it if your manicure was already dry, right? Just wash that hands with vinegar smell, problem solved! :) If you apply these tips whenever you're going to have a manicure or pedicure, you'd love to see the nail polish that pleases you every time you look into your nails! This vinegar trick will serve you better if you're doing lots of house chores and when at work. You should not worry that your nail polish will easily chip that quick. It works! Yes, that's correct! Have you ever tried this nail trick? If yes, how long did your manicure and pedicure lasts?

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