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Because I Owe Her a Dessert

It’s no secret that I married a man who already has kids even before I met him. Because of that, I’m a stepmom to two (a 15 years old boy and an 8 years old girl), and a mom to my 1-year-old Baby Cody. I love kids and have them to play with my little boy, too. Braid girls’ hair, and even cook for them. And speaking of cooking, I must confess that today, I skipped the process of preparing for food because my stepdaughter, Mya brought us some marinated chicken and all I have to do is just deep fry them. That one tastes good, and I know I owe this little girl a dessert! She deserves it! Dessertttt… Argh, I need to prepare a quick one because I still have to finish some of my works today. She told me she wants to have an ice cream. Lucky we have a vanilla ice cream on the fridge! It does taste good, too but I’d like to make sure she’ll love and enjoy it with us. The Post Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal got me covered! I made some twist to the vanilla ice cream yet a real quick one. I turned it into a fruity, and oh colorful dessert! I actually prepared a dessert for three; it’s for Mya, for hubby, and for me. But of course, it all started by scooping some vanilla ice cream into three bowls. I dropped one strawberry on each of them for a fruity twist. To bring it up to the next level for a more fruity and a twist of fun, I sprinkled some Post Fruity PEBBLES goodness on top of our dessert. Voila, we now have a Fruity PEBBLES™ ice cream family dessert! I reckon it only took me a minute or two to have it served on the table. Mya can’t wait to have it especially when she saw me opening the box of Fruity PEBBLES™ cereals and sprinkled it on top. She actually asked me for more servings! While we are enjoying our dessert, someone also enjoys hand-picking some Fruity PEBBLES™ on his high chair tray—it’s my little Cody! He was also fascinated by the colorful Fruity PEBBLES™. I already told you before that he loves cereals, too, right? You know, it feels good knowing my family enjoys what I have prepared for them, especially Mya, whom I owe a dessert for today. She even told me she want the Post Fruity PEBBLES™ for her breakfast, too. Who wouldn’t want it anyway, it really tastes good that the whole family will surely love to enjoy together. Pick up your box of Fruity PEBBLES™ on stores near you so you can share and experience it with the family! You’ll love it, I bet!

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