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I Just Made Enchiladas With Herdez Instant Refried Beans!

Busy... Busy… I've been so busy for the past few months and that I always strive to find easier ways to get something done to save up some time. Well, cooking is not an exception to that! Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I always prefer to do it without spending too much time in the kitchen preparing for our meal. But hey, did you know that I just discovered how good the Herdez Instant Refried Beans is? I think it's a heaven-sent! Think of how much time you can save when you opt into using Herdez Instant Refried Beans compare to when you make one from scratch. With Herdez, you only need 5 minutes to get it prepared and you're good to have your meal ready. Made from real pinto beans, you can choose from four flavors: Chorizo, Traditional, Queso, and Jalapeño. So today, let me share you an enchilada recipe that I just made using the Herdez Instant Refried Beans Chorizo flavor. The preparation time it took me was pretty impressive, and the taste was a lot more impressive. I made 8 enchiladas and enjoyed it with hubby and my in-laws. I was actually a bit hesitant while I was serving it on the table because I was thinking if they're going to like it or not. Seems like the Herdez Instant Refried Beans has increased my cooking confidence the moment I saw my step-son picked his second piece of enchilada on the table, which only means he liked it! It was a relief that he likes it despite having the enchiladas topped with sour cream and onions. When it comes to food, he's the pickiest one among us and I know he doesn't want onions on his food, but he still ate it this time, yay! Back with the enchilada recipe and along with a pack of Herdez Instant Chorizo Refried Beans, I also prepared 8 corn tortillas, red enchilada sauce, shredded cheese, and green onions and sour cream for toppings. The preparation starts by cooking the beans for 5 minutes according to the packaging instructions, while at the same time heating the oven to 350°. For the corn tortillas, I just heat it on the microwave for a few seconds and I dipped it into the enchilada sauce (one at a time). Next to that, I filled each tortilla with 2-3 tablespoons of Herdez Instant Chorizo Refried Beans, I rolled them up one by one and put them in a baking dish. To complete the goodness, I just have to top the rolled tortillas with the remaining sauce and cheese and bake it until I saw the cheese was melted. So before serving it on the table, I topped it with the sour cream and onions. That was quick! It's really good to have Herdez Instant Refried Beans on hand, trust me! Experience how convenient and taste its goodness by finding one on stores near you or get it directly online! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and was wondering what flavor will be your first one to try!

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