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I’m More Confident About My Baby’s Health

My Baby Cody has just turned 2 today, and after 2 more days, my baby girl will also turn 2 (months). Look how fast time flies, it feels as if it was just yesterday, yet here they are, growing so fast. Oh yeah, while me here still feeling tired and sleep deprived. But it doesn’t matter anyway; they are the only thing that matter and I want to always give the best for them. They are my babies, they are so young, and they need their mom to help and support them as they grow. My babies’ are my priority. Well, every parents do, right? Their health and wellness is my priority. That’s why it made me so excited when I heard about Evivo! Have you heard about this product? Well, recently, I received a 4 week supply starter kit of Evivo. It is the only probiotic that is clinically proven to restore a baby’s gut microbiome to its original, natural state. How I wished I found out about this amazing product even before my first child was born so I could also give it to him. But since he’s quite old for it and not even breastfeeding anymore, I just have my 2 months old baby girl have it. I’ve been breastfeeding my baby girl since day 1. At first, it’s not easy, no; I’m not just really used to it. You may think I should have mastered breastfeeding, given that I already have an older child, but it’s not like that. I only breastfed him for a couple of days and expressed it after my nipples get very sore. It’s just sad that no matter how I tried to support my baby boy with my breast milk, it ended up drying out. Or I could say that my body just can’t produce any more milk due to a stressful, and quite depressive event that happened by that time (You can read it from my blog post 2 years ago). This second time around, I still love to breastfeed my baby girl. Though the tiredness and sleep deprivation feels like forever; and the sore, cracked nipples, and tender breasts sometimes made me feel like I’m at the edge of giving it up. But look, until now I’m still breastfeeding my baby girl because I know it is best for her. I am proud that I am breastfeeding my baby girl and with the help of Evivo, I am more confident that she’s getting all the nutrients my breast milk has to offer. And that she’s growing healthy inside and out. Evivo activated B. Infantis helps to capture all the special carbohydrates in breast milk that might otherwise be wasted. It maximizes the good bacteria while reducing potentially harmful bacteria, which is crucial to enabling a healthy gut microbiome. Babies are more likely to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life if the good gut bacteria are thriving before they are weaned from their mother’s breast milk. I’m just so thankful that with my breast milk and a sachet of Evivo for my baby everyday, it will help me support her to have a healthy, long life she deserve. If you also have a child or is planning to have one, then Evivo is worth checking out so you could learn more about this amazing probiotic. Use code: BLOG3181 to get $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more! And to get a $20 off when you order 12, 20, 24 or more starter kit supply, just use code: BLOG3182. Hurry and get your EvivoProbiotic starter kit before it expires on November 30 or after 50 redemptions.

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