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Simple Routines That Made My Parenting Game Easier

As a mom, I juggle between family, blogging, and study. I just got lucky I don’t have to leave home to work and to do my studies, thanks to the internet my daily life is a little more convenient! Yet it can still be so draining. I found myself in a situation where every day seems like I’m in a survivor game challenge. Though I know it’s nothing compare to those who have more kids than I do, it’s still a very challenging motherhood role. While my eldest, Cody, is now 27 months old who is actually independent and can play by himself but, you know as the saying “terrible two” goes. He’s a sweet little boy. He has his moods and drives me crazy most of the time. My baby girl just turned 7 months old, there’s a change in her sleep pattern lately which made me more sleep deprived and tired. If it was a trick, she had tricked me too many times these past few weeks. I used to think she’s going to have a long stretch sleep for the night like she used to but, then she will wake up while I’m about to start doing my lessons and course assignments or quizzes. I’d just sit her in my lap with my left arm around her, then my right will be busy doing what I have to do with my studies. There were also those times when she demands to be breastfed while I am working on my laptop. The next thing I know is that I am multitasking between being a breastfeeding mother and a working or studying mother. She’s very curious about things around her. Her hands are trying to reach everything she can and can be so fidgety. She really knows how to distract me while I’m doing my lessons, LOL. Parenting is a hard work. Really. It’s not easy, well, who said it is anyway? Having two kids may make some people think it gets easier this second time around but, frankly speaking, a part of me says it always feels like the first time. Yes, because every baby is an individual, too. Like us. While raising kids under three can be tough, I have incorporated a few simple things in our daily lifestyle to make my parenting game with less things to worry about.

Easy parenting routines

De-activating for bed time

After a warm bath, turning off the lights in the bedroom and leaving just the dimmer lamp on helps me set up the mood for bedtime. Clearing up the toys in sight also helps to calm their “active mode” so “dream land” is not going to be a far place to go.

That bath time song

I learnt that singing a particular song helps to make my little boy go to the bathroom voluntarily once he saw I have his towel with me while singing “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah~~” Then he will march with the song on our way to the bathroom. He knows it is time for a bath, and a time for some water fun. I know I’m also going to have a bath time song with my baby girl when she get a little older. It’s a no fuss bath time for us!

Probiotic for a healthy gut

Probiotic is essential to my family’s daily life. I always make sure my little ones have their daily probiotic intake. Yes, even my baby girl, too! Thanks to Evivo, a baby probiotic my baby girl is having since she was just a few weeks old. While every parent focus on the basics such as clothes, right gears, and gaining weight; we might overlooked about our baby’s gut health. I wished there’s Evivo when my little boy was just a baby so he can also have a strong foundation of a healthy gut. But since he is too old for it now, I’ll make sure that I’m doing better at this parenting game this second time about the importance of the baby’s gut health. So I started giving my baby girl Evivo when she was a newborn because the first 6 months of baby’s life are crucial for the development of their metabolic and immune system. It is a once daily baby probiotic that helps good gut bacteria to thrive. Mixed with a few amount of breast milk, it helps to create a strong, protective wall that crowds out potentially bad bacteria linked to eczema, colic, allergies, diabetes, and obesity by 80%. Healthy gut means a happy and healthy baby. And a happy mommy, too! Learn more about Evivo, you’ll be surprised! Are you giving probiotic to your little ones? What are the things that make your daily parenting journey easier and fun? Share your tips with us!


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