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Easy Halloween Looks To Pull On The Last Minute

Though I love to dress up my kids in pumpkin or skeleton costume, I don’t have a budget to spend on Halloween costumes as we’re saving up for the Christmas season! So I thought of just repurposing the costumes we use for my daughter’s 1st birthday, it saves me time and money. She had a unicorn themed party this July, so I and my family together with some of our guests dressed up in unicorn costumes during the party. Unicorns are magical and cute, can you blame me if I dressed up my family in a matching unicorn onesies again for a cute and easy Halloween look? I always love the idea of wearing a matching outfit with my family, so this Halloween, we are unicorns! Halloween has always been a very big thing in certain countries, but nowadays with YouTube and Instagram, it has definitely blown up. People are creating the most intricate, fantastic make-up looks and costumes and you’re left wondering how you could ever replicate what you just saw: don’t worry, you’re not alone! And that’s why I’ve decided to help you by sharing some tips and how tos that will, hopefully, make your Halloween as flawless and scary as those from the beauty gurus on the internet. I listed a few tips that you can pull off easily for a fun Halloween look even on the last minute. How to’s: Easy Halloween looks Be a ghost!One of the easiest Halloween looks is a ghost. You just need to paint your face white, frizz your hair a little, throw on a long black dress (or a long white dress instead) and you’re done! You don’t need a fancy dress for this Halloween look, so pull any of your black or white dress from your closet to make your ghost look more fun. You can use your make-up to create this kind of look, or you can always buy face paint. Cover your whole face with white paint (or white foundation), including lips! If you feel like trying a little harder, you can add black eyeliner/eyeshadow over your eyes, brows and contour your face too. This will add more dimension to your face and you’ll look scarier. For your hair, add some hairspray to frizz it better – if you have black hair, be careful: you’re ready to frighten even the bravest! Something cute, eh? Be a deer or a cat!These are my easy and cutest options. For both, you have many different variants online, so you can definitely turn them into your own creative look. If becoming a deer sounds exciting to you, you just need to grab some gold/brown/bronze eyeshadows – even if you have a bronzer, it will do! Then, a black eyeliner will help you create any lines along your eyes and nose. A white eyeliner to add dots on your forehead, and you’re finished. If you opt for the cat look, I think it’s even easier! You’ll just need a black eyeliner to create the lines around your face and your whiskers and you’re basically done! Throw on some cat ears which you can find pretty much anywhere, and you’ll be a great-looking cat! If you’re not into make-up, why not go as a famous character?You could always get a wig and dress as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad or even Audrey Hepburn. These are all icons in their own way and very popular Halloween options. You can also get some fun onesies to wear and be able to use it all year round, and not just for Halloween. Or you could re-use a onesie that you already have that's been sitting in your wardrobe. In my case, I and my family are dressing up as unicorns. Cause hey, unicorns are not just famous, they are magical! I’m obsessed with unicorns, don’t judge me! Remember that, in the end, the most important is to be creative and to have fun! Are you dressing up for Halloween? What Halloween look are you planning to be for the festivity?

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