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DIY Manicure Trick To Get Perfect Polish With Vaseline

DIY manicure at home can be an easy task for some girls, but other girls find it difficult when it comes to applying nail polish neatly and perfectly. Have you ever thought that vaseline can be useful whenever you want to achieve a perfect polish like a pro?

[caption id="attachment_405" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image: ©Alen-D/DollarPhotoClub[/caption] I know you love to do DIY manicure at home and you're creative about it, that's great! You love what you're doing. But you are not too happy whenever you apply nail polish and it always occupies some part of your skin around your nails. Don't frown, now you can achieve that perfect polish that looks neatly whenever you do it! Vaseline will be your good buddy whenever you want to do DIY manicure at your home. Once you have done it, I'm sure you'll do it next time because you'll be happy looking at those polish that you applied neatly! [caption id="attachment_526" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image: TheKarenD / Flickr The vaseline trick will help you avoid scenarios like this![/caption]

Operation DIY manicure vaseline trick What you will need:

Vaseline Cotton buds Procedures:

Swab the cotton buds in the vaseline. Gently apply or wipe the cotton buds on the skin that's surrounding your nails. Please take an extra care not to let it on your nail bed. Apply your desired nail polish. Next step is to wait until the polish is totally dry. As a finishing step, use a new cotton bud to clean the areas with vaseline. Voila, you now have a neat and perfect nail polish! The vaseline will work as your shield from getting the polish into your skin, thus giving you a perfect DIY manicure whenever you do it. Anyway, it's not always a vaseline hack day, you can also substitute vaseline with lotion for your DIY manicure. If you're more comfortable using lotion, that's okay because it will also do the trick. :) You can also combine this vaseline trick with other hacks to make your nail polish last longer from my previous post. Try this vaseline trick and tell me if how it turns out with your first try! Good luck with your DIY manicure and I hope you enjoy this post!

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