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Cooling Up This Summer With The Caronia Popsicle Collection

Hot, hot, hot... Its summertime and I'm wondering how you're beating the heat. Hangout somewhere, or just stay home, or go swimming? Well, I did all that and my year 2016 summer is totally different and very special having my baby Cody swim and play with me by the pool. Another special thing is that I received a Coronia Popsicle Collection of nail polishes from Caronia! Who would have thought that my nails can look deliciously cooling like what Caronia has just made me experienced? Honestly, I usually go for the bright neon shades of polishes, but recently, I notice that my preference has changed a bit. I guess I get bored with my nail shades, so I introduce new colors to it. It's always fun and now that the weather is crazy hot as hell, I'm cooling up with the Caronia Popsicle Collection! hihi.. Caronia has just released a limited number of the Popsicle Collection set which comes up with 2 glossy shades and the other 2 shades are matte, plus a free sticky note pad. It has 4 new colors, inspired by the most craved food-- ice cream, yayy! Thinking of ice cream, you probably have the words "yum" or "delicious" in your mind. The shades are named as peach perfect, tequila sunrise, lemon cool, and brain freeze, which are really cooling and looks delicious, especially if you're thinking of ice cream flavors, hihi...

The Caronia Popsicle Collection:

Peach perfect It's a nude glossy polish with a slight hint of pink that adds a charming rosy look to the nails. Go, go nude! The Caronia Peach Perfect shade will be the best pick for you if you want a simple yet natural and fresh look.

Lemon Cool They call it "happy yellow", but I call it "marshmallow"! :) While this one is another shade that has a slight glossy finish, this Caronia Lemon Cool will suit you best if you're in the mood of going with a vibrant shade.

Tequila Sunrise Go bright because this one has a matte finish in a red orange shade. So if you're going to a beach party or if you just want to go a little brighter, this Caronia Tequila Sunrise could be a good choice to compliment your summer outfit.

Brain Freeze Here's another one that comes with a matte finish to cool you off with its pale blue shade. If you're thinking of the very relaxing and cooling blue water, bring that coolness in front of your eyes and put the Caronia Brain Freeze into your nails. It's bonus if your favorite color is blue, this is absolutely a perfect shade for your mood. I really enjoy having these nail polish on my oval shaped nails, and you see... I walked out of my comfort zone and put every shade on my nails. That was fun, really! And though I love all the Caronia Popsicle Collection shades, I still have to be honest that the Caronia Lemon Cool is my favorite among them, hihi... And that's it! 'Til next time and I wish you an amazing summer this 2016! *PR sample

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