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A Broke Girl's Year-End All Things Beauty Confessions

[caption id="attachment_914" align="aligncenter" width="740"] Image under cc license, shared by Dannyqu via Flickr[/caption] My December was full of spending, so I'll be sharing how a broke girl like me survived hehe.. It’s more than a month since I have my latest blog post, 44 days have passed and I’m not in the blogosphere! But hey, I’m back! I miss blogging, but of course, I miss you all! And that only means I'll be posting more often about all things beauty. I've been busy and it's a shame that I'm always online, yet I can't find time to draft a post for my blog for all those times. I don't have enough time to visit my favorite blogs. Whoa, I don't even have time to reply to those lovely people who left their thoughtful comments on some of my posts. Sorry, sorry for that! Okay, okay, I said enough. :) Let's now talk about how I survived my beauty needs last month.

No more facial creams + no more glutathione injections It's sad that I already fully consumed both my Snail White Cream and Kiss Collagen Mask. Wrong timing! Though I really want to have these facial creams, I didn't pursue buying another one because they're quite expensive for my budget by now. Hopefully, some other time I’ll be able to buy those creams once again. So, to save some bucks, I just bought Royale' Beauty Pinkish Glow which was recommended by my neighbor. It's about three times way cheaper that only cost me 400Php but I do hope it won't give me breakouts. I haven't seen or feel any because I just started using it a couple of days ago. Well, good luck on me! :) And I thought I'm going to have my second sessions of glutathione injections last December, but it's now only in my head hehe.. It's not my priority and not important anyway. Maybe some other time I can afford to buy another set again, who knows? [*wink*]

I've got some present.. You see that three W7 mascaras? I got them as a present, a gift.. Yeah, I didn't buy it. It's a good thing and just right on time because when I got them, I'm about to buy a new one. And oh, that Avon lipstick was given to me by my lovely bestfriend! See? That's a savings for a broke girl like me hehe..

Broke girls still do shopping :) I still have a liquid eyeliner or two but when I saw one from E.L.F., I bought another one just because it has an attractive and affordable price. Think about of its price 150Php, it's such a good value for money! I already bought that L.A. Colors lip palettes before that lipstick was given to me, but I still didn't spend that much because a 150Php price for this was still a bargain for 6 different colors. I also purchased a new pressed powder because I need to. Additionally, I'd love to try this Wet n Wild Coverall, so I bought it! The price is still affordable for a broke girl like me and just around 450Php. Its thin packaging makes it look cute anyway. And of course, lip balms won't be forgotten! I always feel uncomfortable if I don't have one so it's always on my list. I actually bought two Maybelline lip balms last month for no reason, I just wanted to. Then used them alternatively depends on my mood, well you could think I'm a bit lip balm addict hehe.. I don't mind buying it for a price of 89Php each. :)

And here's about my money-saving sacrifice I rebonded my hair, yes , no kidding here! I've been doing it for almost 3 years now instead of getting it done at the salon. I spent a half day doing all these things to get my waist-length hair done. That's absolutely tiring but I prefer doing it myself for some reasons. First, I simply want to style my hair with what I wanted it to be. Secondly, to save some bucks, of course! I also rebonded my sister's hair as my Christmas treat for her, and next is my mom's. :) Let's keep in mind that if you're broke, it doesn't always mean that you're going to just set aside your beauty needs because there's still some cheaper alternative brands with a good quality to what you used to buy regularly. And I hope It's not too late for me to greet you a “Happy New Year!”..

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