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Get Rid of Acne and Blemishes Instantly With Aspirin Mask

[caption id="attachment_557" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image: Bigstock[/caption] Did you know that being sick is not the only reason to use aspirin? You probably think that it only works for fever and flu, and for relieving some minor aches and pains. But the truth is, it can also do more other than that! The salicylic acid in aspirin makes it a very effective beauty saving tool, too! The solution is easy-- aspirin mask! So, if you suddenly have that stubborn pimples, it can help you reduce the inflammations and redness, at the same time, it also dries up pimples instantly! Even Dr. Oz loves the aspirin mask, too and brought his version of this mask on his show! The first time I heard about this aspirin mask, I never let second thoughts discourage me from trying it! That was when my face was decorated and fully occupied with breakouts, pimples, acne...whatever you want to call it. I was that too desperate to get rid of those unwanted things in my face, because the more it populates, the more I'm losing self confidence!

How to make an Aspirin Mask

You will need:

1-2 tablets of aspirin drops of water spoon small bowl


Wash and clean your hands with anti-bacterial hand soap. Use a spoon to evenly crush the aspirin tablets until it turns like a powder and put it in a bowl. You can now gradually add drops of water in a small bowl where your powdered aspirin is. Make sure you're not making it too watery. Use spoon to mix it all together to make a paste. Now you may start dipping your forefinger in your aspirin mask and put it over your blemishes. Let it stay to work on your blemishes or pimples for about 15 minutes. Rinse it, and you're done! You'll feel and see the difference! The first time I tried this aspirin mask, I really had bad acne all over my face. So I decided to just crush and powdered 2 tablets of aspirin and instead of making a paste-like mixture, I decided to add more water to make it somehow watery by tapping the mixture all over my face. Covering it one by one won't be that easy because my face looks like an acne-farm that time! :) It gives a tingling feeling, but that's bearable. I even leave it on my face overnight! And when I woke up, checked my face in the mirror and I was amazed-- "Omg, they're gone!!!!".. Its majority has vanished and dries up overnight! Though there's still some pimples left, they're not as bad as how it looks like the night before I used this acne mask. The redness on my face was also gone, and that's expected because aspirin mask helps in reducing redness. All I know is that it works! It's not only me, but many people also shared their aspirin mask review on acne.org and this mask got a high positive ratings. But please be aware that if you're allergic to aspirin, this aspirin mask is not for you.

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