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10 Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorial To Try

Halloween was a number of days away and that's always full of spooky and creepy fun! Whether you're still not decided on who you want to be for this time of the year or just hanging around to get additional ideas, I'm sure you'll discover some inspiration here! Feel free to enjoy the following Halloween makeup tutorial. Don't worry, creating something to look spook-tacular for Halloween doesn't require you to be a pro. A little creativity and ability to follow simple instructions or directions on the following Halloween makeup tutorial will let you create a masterpiece that you'll totally enjoy for the festivities.

Are you ready for a Halloween makeup tutorial?

Creepy Doll Though I'm nearly 30, I still do love dolls! So, the first thing that I searched was a creepy doll Halloween makeup tutorial and I found this one! It's spectacularly gross and creepy. Though the dropping bloody preorbital skin were just made of liquid latex, it still looks so freaking creepy!

Creepy Stitched Doll And here's another creepy doll, but this one was with stitches and no dropping eyelids. Pretty scary, but is it only me who find this looks sexy? LOL :) I mean, look at her costume, that's so cute and really matched here makeup!

Sally Inspired by the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, this Halloween makeup tutorial will also drive creepiness on your looks! It's so cool, but I'm afraid you have to always keep your eyes down to show up Sally's big eyes. :) Liquid latex are also great for the stitches, but this tutorial made it more easier.

Monsters University This Halloween makeup tutorial was inspired by Britney Davis of Monsters University. She has three eyes in the movie, but this video tutorial made it creepier by making it five! There's no creepier than feeling like someone was staring at you with five eyes! Hahaha :) Perfect for Halloween!

Neytiri Inspired by the movie Avatar, this video was the very first makeup tutorial uploaded by Promise Phan on her YouTube channel four years ago, I'm her new fan. :) I don't find it creepy because I really like the movie (Avatar), but this is really a very cool Halloween makeup tutorial and will grab attention to public if you decided to be Neytiri on Halloween!

Clown Stand out from the crowd with this amazingly cool clown Halloween makeup tutorial by Lex of Madeyewlook! The combination of the pinwheel and intense arch eyebrows with the matching lens totally calls attention by any means. If you're feeling lazy, you'll be good to go even without decorating on your collarbone and just enjoy the creepy clown face you made.

3D Stretched Lips At first look, you'll probably think that the mouth was open and stretched really hard, and that makes it look so creepy! Now, it's not only in the movies because you can also do it yourself. :) Pair it with a dripping blood Halloween nail art design!

Shark girl This Halloween makeup tutorial will let you show the creepy shark looks in you. Make it intensely creepy by using red contact lens, black will also do. A splashing blood nail art design will be a perfect match for this look!

Two faces in one A face in a face! Two faces in one are already scary, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can populate three faces in one. I mean, one on the left, middle, and on the right side. Be more creative and show off your spooky faces on Halloween!

Zombie It's looking gross but I'm pretty sure that many will be a zombie on Halloween. People are waiting excitedly for the airing of The Walking Dead season 5, so why not give them a piece of this looks? Pair it with a matching Halloween nail art design.

Which Halloween makeup tutorial have inspired you? They are all inspiring but there's still the one you wish you'll be for Halloween. I was eyeing for the creepy stitched doll, I like that sexy look, though. Hahaha :) Would be a perfect match with one of my Halloween nail art post. Can you share which one's your bet?

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